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Brioche dorée: fast food and french snack

Brioche Doree restaurant
Brioche Dorée means a delightful welcome in warm peaceful surroundings, a delicious haven where varied balanced food is always a treasure trove of authentic flavours.

Brioche Dorée is the Number 1 of French-style casual food with over 200,000 customers welcomed every day, 72% of them women.
The name started out in Brest in 1976 and now has over 500 fast food and french snack restaurants throughout the world.
5000 employees sell over 20 million sandwiches every year in France.

Brioche Doree
Brioche Doree - strawberry tart
A brilliant idea, an incredible success…

The idea of Brioche Dorée was quite simply to combine casual food and French tradition. This idea sprang from a 1975 study on the dietary habits and expectations of French consumers, who are more and more demanding with regard to food products.

Its success is that of a new generation of friendly fast food and french snack restaurants close to the customer and serving first-rate food without wasting time.

By offering fast, varied and balanced food, Brioche Dorée addresses both well-being and appetite.