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Bridor: industrial french bakery

Consumption of bread and pastry (baguettes and croissants) progresses regularly by 3% a year in Europe and the world, driven by the development of the hotel and traditional or fast-food restaurant industry.

French bakery holds a specific place between the bakery traditions of North and South Europe. France is reputed for its raw materials of unmatched quality: French flour with no additives, labelled butter. With its centuries-old baking skills, France is the source of two of the world’s bakery icons – the baguette and the all-butter croissant. They are part of France’s eternal values: way of life, quality of life and refinement acclaimed the world over. Good bread, a legendary basic food, also has a positive health image for consumers.
Over the last 20 years, the bakery sector has undergone a sea-change in Europe with the explosion of eating away from home and the development of services for the catering trade. The hotel and restaurant industry wants powerful, simple, first-rate economic solutions. For this it calls on professional bakers like Bridor.

Bridor will provide you with the finest products of industrial french bakery.

The BRIDOR concept

A happy solution for exacting professionals, Groupe Le Duff’s Bridor name and its philosophy can be found all over Europe to combine the best of the handcrafted tradition with the stringency of advanced technology.

Attentive to its customers for the last 20 years, Bridor has developed a cutting-edge process which starts with stringent selection of the raw materials, all of top quality and controlled origin. The production methods are based on the age-old bakery tradition to offer a range of breads, pastries and brioches unmatched for flavour.