Louis Le Duff

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A real trade
based on dough :
bread dough, brioche dough,
pastry dough,
pizza dough...

Louis Le Duff began a doctoral thesis in 1974 under the supervision of Professor Champaud. Its subject was the franchise, at a time when such things were extremely new in France. To his great regret, the growth of his young company forced him to lay his thesis aside but his legendary perseverance is unfailing: a quarter of a century later, he took it up again where he left off, this time supervised by Professor Cliquet.
In January 2004, Louis Le Duff passed his viva on “The leverage of the franchise, a winning tool for franchisers and franchisees”.

Succeed by franchise - Louis Le DuffIn order to share his experience, he writes a book on the theme : Build your company, Succeed…by franchise.

In this, Louis Le Duff is a true offshoot of Brittany where education opens the way up the social ladder.
This is why, though he doesn’t boast about it, Louis Le Duff set up the “Bretagne Entreprendre” foundation which is designed to help poor graduates with a good university record and a good project to continue their studies or set up their own business.


Louis Le Duff has two sons, Philippe and Vincent. Will the Groupe Le Duff epic continue? “The people in my team have all the requisite qualities to ensure the group will last and go on being successful. They are ready for it. That’s what matters for the customers, employees and franchises.
“As for me” he concludes, “when I hand over, it will be to go back to teaching in Brittany. With Rennes University, I have a teaching project focusing on business creation, transfer and acquisition. France has thousands of small and medium businesses with no heirs and thousands of people who want to go into business. It is up to us to bring together these business owners who want their work to carry on and these young generations who are ready to take up the torch. That will save and create thousands of jobs. It’s the best kind of economic strength and social cover for employees.”